Senior Backend Developer

Kota Jakarta Utara

Rp8,000,000 - Rp13,000,000

Date-create : 07 Apr 2020 | Last Update : 07 Apr 2020

Function: IT and Software | Type : Full Time | Experience : 1 to 4 years

Job Description & Requirements

Job Description :

  1. The Backend Developer is a highly technologically adept individual with exceptionally good communication skills. He will be extremely comfortable building sites with Java, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Twig, HTML, and CSS. He will also have extensive experience working with Laravel, Git, JSON, Gulp, JQuery, and Sass and have demonstrate proficiency in Git.

  2. The Lead Developer will have had experience with caching solutions, for example, Memcached, Redis, and so forth. He will also be capable of working with distributed systems, for example, Zookeeper, Elasticsearch, as well as deployment tools such as Ansible and Chef. A suitable candidate will further be capable of building online web systems through Java, C++/, C#, SQL, and noSQL and be an expert understanding the usual web backend technologies such as Ajax, MVC architecture, JSON, RESTful API, PDO, Singleton, and so forth.

  3. He will be an expert in databases such as Redis and Mysql and have a similarly strong understanding of frameworks such as Node.js, Angular.js, JS/CSS, HTML5, XML and so forth.

Requirements :

  1. The Experienced Backend Developer has to have a bachelor’ degree (master’s preferred) in Computer Science or any other relevant field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for this position.

  2. Minimum of 2 years of working experience in a backend development capacity, preferably working as a backend developer. Preferably 2 years above working experience.

  3. The candidate must have gathered experience in deploying and operating services on Linux. He must also have had a deep understanding of data structures, system design, and algorithms.

  4. The candidate will also be extremely passionate about the automation of deployment processes and testing code as well as significant experience working with MySQL, building schemas, and the storage and retrieval of data. The candidate must also have had experience programming in Java, Python, SQL, and Relational Database Design.

  5. The candidate will further demonstrate expertise building and developing web services and experience and have experience with big data technologies. A suitable candidate will also have had experience with cloud technologies and experience setting up continuous integration infrastructures through TeamCity and Jenkins.

  6. This candidate will additionally have had extensive experience with debugging and troubleshooting tools, for example, Fiddler, Wireshark Chrome DevTools, and so forth.

Required Skills

Backend Development Software Development Software Engineering Software SQL NoSQL REST APIs Git

Job Summary

Job Level:

Mid-Senior Level / Manager


Accounting and Finance


1 Opening

Office Address:

.Jl. Sunter Garden Raya No. 5D, RT.6/RW.12. Sunter Agung, Tj. Priok, Kota Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 14350.

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